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Membership Requirements

The requirements of membership are: 

1) you must be a licensed attorney in good standing in the State of Vermont; and

2) you must have tried one or more trials to conclusion - jury trial, bench trial, trial before a Vermont tribunal (e.g. workers comp) or other legal matter in the Vermont State or Federal Court system. 

Membership is open to all trial lawyers - civil attorneys (personal injury, defense and plaintiff, commercial, divorce, probate, workers comp), criminal attorneys (prosecutors and defense) and all who appear before Administrative tribunals as well as all members of the Vermont Judiciary. 

For your yearly dues of $100.00 you will receive personal use of our logo and a link to our website, a framed certificate of membership as well as admission to the VTLA annual luncheon meeting - all of which are free to members.  Upon request, dues can be waived for good cause. 

As a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, your membership fees are fully deductible. The Vermont Trial Lawyers Association™ will not engage in political or legislative activity and is designed to provide an opportunity for dialogue among the Vermont trial bar and with the Vermont Court system. Our annual meeting will include speakers who are leaders in the field of trial law. 

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