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       Trial lawyers are a fundamental part of the judicial branch of government and the Vermont Trial Lawyers Association™ exists to improve and promote the quality of jurisprudence in the State of Vermont.

       We believe that there is a need for an organization made up of the trial bar in Vermont that includes all lawyers who try cases in the Courts and Tribunals of Vermont.  Trial lawyers who try commercial cases, divorce cases, personal injury cases, probate cases, criminal cases and others all have one thing in common - they are officers of the Court and carry out the purpose of the judicial system.

       The judicial branch of government was created to allow for legal reprieve for citizens with disputes, to enable orderly transactions, to enforce the laws of the state and for other similar purposes.  Without trial lawyers, people are left to their own devices to navigate through the complex legal system.

       With trial lawyers, the system works and allows everyone to navigate through a system with the ultimate goal of giving them justice.

       Trial lawyers have played an important and historic part in America since its beginnings.  The founding fathers included the right to trial in the Sixth and Seventh Amendments to the U.S. Constitution.   Similarly, the State of Vermont specifically provides for public right to trial in Ch. I, Article 10 and Ch. II, § 28 of the Vermont Constitution as a component part of keeping a fair and functioning civilization.

       We are proud to be trial lawyers and to play our part in the system.

       We hope you will join us in this organization.

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